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· 4 min read
Oleg Kulyk

Top 5 Popular Javascript Libraries for Web Scraping in 2024

We’d like to continue the sequence of our posts about Top 5 Popular Libraries for Web Scraping in 2024 with a new programming language - JavaScript.

JS is a quite well-known language with a great spread and community support. It can be used for both client and server web scraping scripting that makes it pretty suitable for writing your scrapers and crawlers.

Most of these libraries' advantages can be received by web scraping API and some of these libraries can be used in stack with it.

So let’s check them out.

· 4 min read
Oleg Kulyk

Amazon product scraping

In the current article, I’d like to share my experience with Amazon products scraping. The well-known Amazon marketplace offers the best deals for thousands of product types and from thousands of sellers. The potential amount of data to scrape is quite insane and can be used for:

  • Market price comparison
  • Price change tracking
  • Analyzing product reviews
  • Copyright check
  • Finding the best products for selling or dropshipping
  • A lot of data science and machine learning stuff