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· 9 min read
Oleg Kulyk

Puppeteer Vs. Selenium: Which Is Better?

With the increasing use of the internet worldwide, it is being implemented in all aspects of our daily lives. So using it efficiently and effectively becomes crucial and could be the difference between competitors and businesses. This is where the concept of Web Automation comes in. Today I shall teach you one of the most debated topics of web automation, Puppeteer vs. Selenium.

Let's begin!

· 16 min read
Oleg Kulyk

Web Scraping with Java

Java is one of the most popular and high demanded programming languages nowadays. It allows creating highly-scalable and reliable services as well as multi-threaded data extraction solutions. Let's check out the main concepts of web scraping with Java and review the most popular libraries to setup your data extraction flow.

· 6 min read
Oleg Kulyk

How to download a file with Playwright?

In this article, we will share several ideas on how to download files with Playwright. Automating file downloads can sometimes be confusing. You need to handle a download location, download multiple files simultaneously, support streaming, and even more. Unfortunately, not all the cases are well documented. Let's go through several examples and take a deep dive into Playwright's APIs used for file download.

· 10 min read
Oleg Kulyk

Scrape a Dynamic Website with Python

Internet extends fast and modern websites pretty often use dynamic content load mechanisms to provide the best user experience. Still, on the other hand, it becomes harder to extract data from such web pages, as it requires the execution of internal Javascript in the page context while scraping. Let's review several conventional techniques that allow data extraction from dynamic websites using Python.

· 12 min read
Oleg Kulyk

Web Scraping with Javascript

Javascript (JS) becomes more popular as a programming language for web scraping. The whole domain becomes more demanded, and more technical specialists try to start data mining with a handy scripting language. Let's check out the main concepts of web scraping with Javascript and review the most popular libraries to improve data extraction flow.

· 4 min read
Oleg Kulyk

How to use a proxy in Playwright?

Playwright is a high-level API to control and automate headless Chrome (Chromium), Firefox and Webkit. It can be considered as an extended Puppeteer, as it allows using more browser types to automate modern web apps testing and scraping. Playwright API can be used in JavaScript & TypeScript, Python, C# and, Java. In this article, we are going to show how to set up a proxy in Playwright for all the supported browsers.