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ScrapingAnt Affiliate Program

Welcome to the ScrapingAnt affiliate program.

ScrapingAnt is a web scraping API. It allows freelancers and tech companies to scrape web (extract data from web resources) without dealing with rotating proxies and headless browsers.

ScrapingAnt uses a subscription model and has 3 different tiers: $19 / $49 / $249 per month. The custom plan is also available and requires negotiation (enterprise companies, customisable solutions, etc).

By joining affiliate program, you can earn a 50% commission without any limit!

When a referred customer subscribes to one of our subscription plans, we will share 50% of the subscription plan price to the referrer registered in our referral program. When a referred customer decided to upgrade the existing plan and purchase a new one, we'll share 50% of the referral's subscription plan price. Hence, the referral program allows creating sales and upsales for promoters.

For example, if you refer 10 new customers paying $49/month and promote another 10 existing customers to upgrade the plan to $49/month you will earn $490 in affiliate commission.

Check out commission per the plan comparison:

Plan NamePriceCommission

How to promote ScrapingAnt?

You can start from the affiliate registration.

We'll validate you account, and you will receive your unique affiliation link at your personal affiliate dashboard (link can be modified to fit your branding).

Then you can share your link with your audience:

  • Include the link in the blog post
  • Share the link in the newsletter
  • Use ScrapingAnt web scraping API in your open-source project and include the link in
  • Add the link to your website
  • Add promotion banner to your web resource
  • Include the link in your tech YouTube video's description

Feel free to check out our Blog for a content ideas.


  • The minimum payout is $49.
  • Payout are pending for 30 days to take into account refunds (up to 60 days)
  • Payment are made through Paypal, so you need an account in order to receive your commission.
  • Self-referrals are not allowed and can result to account ban.
  • The affiliate will never represent themselves, ScrapingAnt or their relationship with ScrapingAnt in a false or misleading way.
  • Cookies are valid for 45 days.
  • Affiliates need to register here.
  • We reserve the right to change those terms.
  • You can contact us via or via Contact Form in case of any question, or a special terms request.