The power of headless Chrome cluster with a simple API for Web Scraping

Web Scraping and Web Harvesting are challenging tasks. Many specialists have to handle Javascript rendering, headless browser update and maintenance, proxies diversity and rotation.

So just follow 3 easy steps to resolve all this problems:


We offer a subscription plans with included requests or you always can request custom pricing service.


GET and POST methods allow you to find the best solution for your code. Only URL is required for start.

Scrape the Web

Harvest the site data using our API and enjoy the best Web scraping service with ScrapingAnt.

Chrome PAGE Rendering

Many specialists have to handle Javascript rendering, headless browser update and maintenance for web scraping. We will do it for you.

Javascript EXECUTION

Our Javascript execution feature is available in every pricing plan without any additional payments.

Output Preprocessing

Our service supports the output preprocessing feature that brings you ability to analyze and work with plain text output without dealing with HTML.


We can offer you the best experience with our custom features. Just contact us if you need to resolve the Captcha, customize browser size, etc.


Our services make requests using thousands of residential and non-residential rotating proxies across the World to provide the best scraping experience and fit all the business needs.


We use only high-end AWS server solutions for our service to reduce the network timeouts and provide high availability.

Custom Cookies

ScrapingAnt allows you to pass the custom cookies to the site for scraping with both GET and POST requests, so you will be able to scrape session related data using our service.

Captcha Avoiding

Our headless Chrome browser settings and proxies quality allow us to make site scraping requests with low chance of Captcha check triggering.

Use cases

General Web Scraping

ScrapingAnt works great for general web scraping tasks like Real estate scraping, Price-monitoring, extracting Reviews without getting blocked.


The betting business requires to check the market odds. Tired of getting blocked by competitor sites? Thanks to our large elite proxy pool, you can forget about it.

Growth Hacking

Lead generation, extracting contact information, or social media. You can even use ScrapingAnt directly from your lead lists on Google Sheet.

Choose your plan

ScrapingAnt is a service with availability of custom pricing.
For any questions and custom pricing request please Contact Us


1000 requests included
Free Monthly
  • Javascript rendering
  • Custom cookies
  • Output preprocessing
  • Captcha avoiding


5.000 requests included
$ 9 Monthly
  • Javascript rendering
  • Custom cookies
  • Output preprocessing
  • Captcha avoiding


50.000 requests included
$ 49 Monthly
  • Javascript rendering
  • Custom cookies
  • Output preprocessing
  • Captcha avoiding


200.000 requests included
$ 149 Monthly
  • Javascript rendering
  • Custom cookies
  • Output preprocessing
  • Captcha avoiding


What is ScrapingAnt?

ScrapingAnt is a service that helps you to solve complex scraping tasks. With using of thousands proxies around the World and headless browser service we can provide you the best web harvesting and scraping experience.

I'd like to have more requests for lower pricing.

Sure! It’s feasible for us. We regularly create custom plans for our clients with any of additional features, just Contact Us and describe your needs.

Can I use your service for the SEO purposes?

SEO is one of the main web scraping and crawling purposes.
SEO crawling is extracting data about a website. In this process, search engine crawlers/spiders or bots collect details about each page including titles, images, keywords, and other linked pages. It is through this indexing that a search engine can return results that pertain to a search phrase or keyword that you enter. This process can be also used for implementing custom search engine.
Google search is both a web crawler and a web scraper.

Is Web scraping legal?

Web scraping is generally legal process.
In late 2019, the US Court of Appeals denied LinkedIn’s request to prevent an analytics company, from scraping its data. The decision was a historic moment in the data privacy and data regulation era. It showed that any data that is publicly available and not copyrighted is totally allowed for web crawlers.
So please, check the terms and conditions of the crawled resource and your country laws.

I'm not a developer, can you create custom scraping scripts for me?

Yes of course! We regularly create custom scraping scripts/projects for our clients, just Contact Us and describe your needs.

Are you hiring?

If you have any proposals or suggestions – please welcome to  Contact Us.

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