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Unlimited parallel requests

3+ million proxy servers across the World

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The most reliable web scraping API

Our clients have saved up to 40% of data collection budgets by integrating ScrapingAnt API instead of self-made solutions development.
Uptime over the last year.
Anti-scraping avoidance rate with our custom cloud browser solution
Simple API integration

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We offer subscription plans, or you can always request a custom pricing service.
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Scrape the target website with our UI request executor or generate scraping code for the preferred language.

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Build your data extraction pipeline using our API and forget about rate limits and blocks.

What is inside?

  • Chrome Page Rendering
  • Low Latency Rotating Proxies
  • Javascript Execution
  • Custom Cookies
  • Fastest Amazon Servers
  • CAPTCHA Avoidance

“Best Customer Service in the Industry says it all. Only solid products can offer great customer service.
The Open Source working solutions get you scraping successfully day one.”

Joseph K., Developer

Web Scraping API Use Cases

General Web Scraping

ScrapingAnt works great for general web scraping tasks like real estate scraping, price-monitoring, and extracting reviews without getting blocked.

Price Monitoring

Overcome your competitors by researching the market. Scrape the product prices and observe the best deal with only few code lines.

Odds Scraping

The gambling business requires checking market odds. Tired of getting blocked by competitor sites? Thanks to our large elite proxy pool, you can forget about it.

Flexible pricing that scales with your business.


100.000 API credits

Ideal for freelancers or students.
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Email support
Documentation-only integration


500.000 API credits

For small - medium teams looking to grow.

Popular choice.
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Priority email support
Expert assistance
Integration with custom code snippets


3.000.000 API credits

For larger teams and full-blown companies.
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Priority email support
Live integration calls
Expert guidance and integration planning
Custom proxy pools
Custom avoidances
Dedicated manager

Doesn't seem enought?

Business Pro

8.000.000 API credits

Extended volume Business plan.
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Priority email support
Live integration calls
Expert guidance and integration planning
Custom proxy pools
Custom avoidances
Dedicated manager

Custom Plan

10M+ API credits

Explore custom deals and services we could provide for Enterprise level customers.
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Fully customisable solution
Residential Proxy special prices

Your 5-stars web scraping API

“I've been using this service for quite a long time and must admit that this is the best option for small businesses.”

Anastasiia S., Project Manager

Onboarding and API integration was smooth and clear. Everything works great. The support was excellent."

Joseph K., Developer

“ScrapingAnt is one of the most reliable scraping service we've tried.”

Nicolai H., CEO

Frequently asked questions.

If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team
What is ScrapingAnt?

ScrapingAnt is a service that helps you to solve scraping tasks of any complexity. With using of millions proxies around the World and a whole headless browser cluster we can provide you the best web harvesting and scraping experience.

ScrapingAnt also provides a custom software development service. Data harvesting, data storage or data querying - we can provide you the best and affordable custom solution that fits all your needs.

What is an API Credit?

Each subscription plan contains a particular amount of API credits per month. Depending on the parameters you configures your API calls it will cost you from one to several credits. By default, each request costs 10 API credits because JavaScript rendering and Standard proxies are enabled. Learn more about requests costs.

I'm not a developer, can you create custom scraping solutions for me?

Yes of course! We regularly create custom scraping scripts and projects for our clients. We are also partnering with several custom software development companies, so we won't never be out of resources to help with a scraping project of any size. Just Contact Us and describe your needs.

Do I need a credit cart to start the free trial?

ScrapingAnt provides a completely free subscription plan which contains 10.000 API credits that can be consumed during month. Until you will need more - it is completely free and doesn't require a credit card.

“Our clients are pleasantly impressed by the response speed of our team.”

Oleg Kulyk,
ScrapingAnt Founder
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