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Rule eCommerce with Data Collection

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ScrapingAnt Team

Data Collection for e-Commerce

A flood of information and data runs on the web. In this global age, people use the internet to achieve almost everything. Everything they click on, things they search for, and the websites they spend the most time on translates to user behavior and tells us about what they like to see. Such information is invaluable and is waiting right there in front of us.

Collection of such data, ensuring proper data processing with the help of data collection can help your eCommerce business grow in ways unimaginable.

Recognition of eCommerce

This post-COVID era has affected almost every kind of business worldwide. Even though eCommerce had already gained immense popularity before Covid-19 became a pandemic, a widespread change in attitude towards online shopping was observed mainly during the lockdown. This increase in the growth of the eCommerce business called for people to invest in it.

However, not everyone succeeds in this rapidly growing market, and people are often left baffled when their business plans do not follow the booming trajectory they had in mind.

Then how to ensure my company does not face bankruptcy?

One thing that is always told to us is to work smart instead of misdirected hard work. This logic is applicable to almost every aspect of your life, including your eCommerce business. Understanding what a market is an easy place for starting and what the market's audience wants is the primary step to ensure survival.

Looking at your competitors who are getting everything right is obviously the logical thing. However, one cannot spend hours going through thousands of web pages manually. That's where data collection comes in.

Data Collection by ScrapingAnt

As the words indicate, data collection means collecting information from different websites. This information is about what users search for what they order.

Using web scraping as a data collection technique is a better alternative since it is economical, automated, and less time-consuming. You learn from eCommerce websites that they are doing everything right and not doing well. The kind of data that is collected through our web scraping API and how that data is processed is something you need to understand. ScrapingAnt provides data collection and data analysis in ways that works wonders

Learning which item specific fields are correct

After web scraping of big eCommerce websites like eBay and Amazon, you can understand how selecting the correct number of specific fields can benefit your eBusiness. Item specifics are simple keywords that tell a buyer about your product. Giving information about what you are selling is obviously the correct thing.

However, flooding your item specifics with unnecessary information might not be the best thing to do. Data collection can help you determine the right amount of item specifics by looking at the item's specifics of similar products being sold, like hot pancakes by other vendors.

Understanding item description

If you start writing a thousand-word essay about every single product of yours, you will not only consume a ton of your resources but also fail to attract customers. No one has the time to read long descriptions before deciding on buying something. Analysis of better marketplaces and how they describe their goods is exceptionally essential. Then describe your product in amazing words with a comparative word count and see customers gather to buy your things like insects on a sugar cube.

Appropriate images along with text

The variety of things being sold is endless. If you are trying to sell computers, then you know people want to read about it, its specifications and the whole shebang. However, when selling furniture, customers would want to know the bed looks put together instead of just being provided with the length and width.

Using our web scraping API, you can understand how text to visual images ratio is important for different sorts of products sold. Trying to implement the same ratio means getting the general public's approval and moving them towards a decision where they buy from you.

Hot Product Categories

This is the sort of information especially useful for people who have just stepped into this field. Knowing what categories of products are sold quickly and are in demand is really helpful. Web scraping to look for this information can be done easily by ScrapingAnt. Let's say we find out that products belonging to health and fitness are the talk of the town then making sure you have an ample quantity and variety of these goods will attract more customers and increase your sales.

Analysis of marketplaces based on their location

Just like if you open a Walmart-like store in a town that does not have one, many people will likely start coming to your shop. The reason here is the lack of competition in a market. Similarly, there are stores for different countries only like eBay Germany or eBay France. Some of these will have higher sales per product if fewer competitors are, while others may have lower rates because so many people are trying to sell the same kind of products to the same population.

ScrapingAnt gathers this data can point us towards the market, which is the easiest for us to step in.

Item Condition, another factor

In different product categories, buyers may opt for new products, while in others, they may want to buy mint condition used products only. Web scraping for such data and processing will tell if you need to keep new or used products stocks. All of this data points towards what the audience of a market buys so you can provide them with similar, even better options and wait for them to buy from you.

Personalized Experience

Almost all of us have experienced a situation that we search for leads to targeted ads, most commonly on Instagram and other applications we visit. Scraping off such data about users and showing them relative products are more likely to be bought. Obviously, no one would spend time in a shop where they don't like the products being sold.

Price Optimization

This is a very important data point that needs to be collected by web scrapers. ScrapingAnt can do this and then enable you to offer the best prices in the market. Customers will always run towards marketplaces that offer the lowest prices and the best products. Competing in this way is bound to give you an edge and provide your eCommerce the kickstart it has been waiting for.

Generate Leads

You can scrape your top competitors' social media accounts and websites. For example, to learn about the challenges they experience while selling their products to customers. You can use this information to prevent these troubles from arising in your profile in the future, which will help you attract and keep more clients.

ScrapingAnt, The Ultimate Solution

All of this data collection and processing is within the functional capabilities of ScrapingAnt, our web scraping API. We have only 'scraped off' the tip of the iceberg.

ScrapingAnt is one of the most reliable web scraping APIs, having an uptime of 99.99% over the past year, and can almost always avoid anti-scraping techniques with our own custom cloud browser solutions. We have also ensured that our web scraping techniques always remain compliant with the rules and copyrighted information is not scraped off and provided to our customers.

You can leave data collection responsibility to our web scraper and relax as your data collection budget will be freed up by 40 percent, which is a stat bound to turn heads.

Custom Solutions - only for you

There are standard web scraping plans for individuals as well as corporations. But it is not necessary the available plans might be tailored to your needs specifically. At ScrapingAnt, we offer a custom scraping software service to fulfill your wishes.

Our team is dedicated to providing the best service and be always on time with our commitments. In addition, our one-of-a-kind data collections techniques will leave you in awe and wanting more.


To cut a long story short, Web scraping is an absolutely essential and proven method of making your business bloom like never before. Useful data that is waiting to be utilized and put to good use is scattered all over the internet.

ScrapingAnt is the answer if you wonder how to increase your business revenue and get closer to a name like Amazon and eBay. You can provide a personalized experience to your customers by analyzing the data obtained and ensuring that you retain your customers and keep coming back for more.

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