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· 24 min read
Oleg Kulyk

Global Google Search Results Without a Country-Specific Proxy - Query String Parameters

In today's interconnected world, accessing information tailored to specific geographic locations and languages is essential for professionals across various fields. The typical approach of using country-specific proxies to achieve localized Google search results is complex and often introduces unnecessary complications. Fortunately, a simpler method exists, leveraging Google's query string parameters. This approach eliminates the need for proxies, offering a direct and efficient way to directly refine search results by country and language through Google's interface. This article will guide you through mastering these query string parameters, opening up a world of information without the hassle of managing proxy settings.

· 8 min read
Oleg Kulyk

ML Models for Auto-Detecting and Bypassing CAPTCHAs

The internet is a big and always expanding space that contains information on almost every possible issue.

Nevertheless, most of this data is hidden behind websites that use CAPTCHAs to prevent web bots from getting their content.

CAPTCHA bypassing is becoming more prevalent, as they can help to get data from the websites for different purposes.

This article examines various CAPTCHA types and how to bypass CAPTCHA in web scraping.

· 13 min read
Oleg Kulyk

Using VPN with Web Scraping APIs - Navigating ISP Concerns and Ensuring Legitimacy

In today's data-driven world, gathering information from websites has become crucial for businesses and researchers. Web scraping APIs simplify this process, offering a straightforward way to access data without the complexity of traditional methods. As privacy becomes a growing concern, the role of VPNs in concealing one's online activities also comes into focus. This article will examine whether combining VPNs with web scraping APIs can help users navigate the web securely and legally without drawing unnecessary attention from Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Join us as we explore the balance between accessing data efficiently and maintaining privacy online.

· 9 min read
Oleg Kulyk

Pros And Cons Of Web Scraping - Learn Them Before You Start

While the internet is growing tremendously, with data being generated online every second, web scraping has become a great solution for any business or user wanting to capitalize on data.

Nevertheless, the use of web scraping, just like any other technology, enjoys its own share of pros and cons of data extraction as well.

But by learning about the benefits and drawbacks of web scraping in advance, you will be able to make a wise decision on whether or not this technique will be suitable for you.

In this article, we will do an in-depth look at various pros and cons of web scraping, highlighting the great advantages and drawbacks.

· 8 min read
Oleg Kulyk

Automated Web Scraping - Benefits And Tips

Web scraping has become an essential tool in today’s data-driven world that helps companies gain a competitive edge while streamlining the organization’s processes.

Unfortunately, manual web scraping can be an extremely tiresome and time-consuming operation for any business, and that's where automated web scraping comes in.

Thanks to bots and scripts that extract information from sites, automated web scraping helps to computerize the whole data collection process, saving companies a lot of resources.

This article will review the benefits of automated web scraping and give you insights on how to automate data collection and begin your journey in web scraping automation using ScrapingAnt.

· 9 min read
Oleg Kulyk

9 Ways Big Data Is Transforming the Real Estate Business

Information, data, and insights have become some of the most critical commodities in the real estate industry as they redefine how we find, buy, sell, and build properties. That speaks volumes about how most real estate business leaders and players are increasingly looking for ways to enhance the quality of information at their disposal through what is known as “big data.”

Big data can be defined as structured and unstructured data or information that goes into businesses daily from sources like search engines, social media, business transactions, etc.

This article discusses nine ways big data transforms the real estate industry, from improving customer experiences and facilitating accurate property evaluation to enhancing marketing strategies and sales techniques.

· 7 min read
Oleg Kulyk

What is an SSL Proxy? How Do SSL Proxies Work?

Everyone has been skeptical at some point about connecting to public Wi-Fi networks in a coffee shop or anywhere else while also connecting to their bank's mobile application to either check their balance or make payments. This is because we are all concerned about the security of these publicly accessible Wi-Fi networks.

We have all heard of incidents where people connected to a public WiFi network in certain locations and compromised their data, including financial information. But thanks to the introduction of online security protocols such as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) proxy servers or SSL proxies, internet users are now protected against any issues that may arise in such cases.

Meanwhile, the use cases of SSL proxies go beyond protecting you from the risks of connecting to public WiFi networks.

This article highlights what an SSL proxy is, how it works, the different types and benefits, and how it can encrypt your data and keep it safe from prying eyes on the internet.

· 15 min read
Oleg Kulyk

Scaling Your Web Scraping Efforts with Cloud Browsers

Cloud browser rendering is a cutting-edge technology that plays a pivotal role in web scraping. It involves using cloud-based services to load and execute web pages in a way that mimics human browsing behavior, allowing for the dynamic rendering of web content. This article delves into the core aspects of cloud browser rendering, its differentiation from traditional web scraping methods, and the advantages it brings to the table.

· 7 min read
Oleg Kulyk

9 Benefits of Using a Cloud-based Web Scraper

Web scraping is a technique that can be used to extract data from sites for various reasons, such as market research, price comparison, and content aggregation.

With the information available online, scraping has become an integral tool to understand your business and make it a resource for you by providing input.

· 8 min read
Oleg Kulyk

How to Save Up to 40% of Data Collection Budgets with a Web Scraping API

In a modern information-centered age where decisions are made based on data, getting relevant Information accurately and on time is crucial.

Data collection, a systematic process of gathering information, is now the lifeblood of businesses and organizations spanning various industries.

With the steadily growing recognition of data's important role for organizations, optimizing data collection processes is becoming increasingly imperative.

Although traditional methods are credible, they often carry prohibitive costs and intensive processes that tend to strain institutions' budgets, affecting scalability in turn.