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· 6 min read
Oleg Kulyk

What is Web Scraping? Is Web Scraping Legal?

The legality of web scraping is a hotly debated topic as it relates to another burning issue of our times - online privacy.

Furthermore, web scraping is a quintessential data extraction method and can often be misused. This is where the controversy comes in. There is a fine line between legal or ethical web scraping and illegal or unethical web scraping.

· 7 min read
Oleg Kulyk

How to test a proxy API?

A proxy masks your IP address and thus changes the apparent location of your device in front of a website it is trying to access. To distinguish between a good and not good proxy, you need to test it. Of course, you would always want to use a reliable proxy API and not be slowed down by a high-latency one because that would defeat the entire purpose of a proxy API.

· 11 min read
Mariia Potapova

Better real estate decisions with data scraping

In today's world, working with data is essential for success. Many doors open for developers of various applications and services as a result of the accessibility of data. Some services provide an interface to determine whether or not a movie is worth seeing before heading to the theatre. Others concentrate on business tasks such as data collection, analysis, processing, and repurposing data from other sources. APIs are becoming increasingly popular as the demand for various types of data increases. In this article, I will explain how data helps make better real estate decisions and why you need this data and how web scrapping API like ScrapingAnt allows getting this data.

· 8 min read
ScrapingAnt Team

Sneaker Price Data Collection with Web Scraping API

The fashion industry has witnessed thousands of trends and influences from celebrities and public figures. Yet the sneaker industry's status and popularity single-handedly enjoys is not a match for the rest. The craze has grown to the extent that special-edition sneakers are now manufactured by brands and collected by enthusiasts like pieces of art.

The Sneaker industry has already grown into a 79-billion-dollar industry, and the trend is far from declining. Amongst this lies a 10-billion-dollar share of the Sneaker resale industry that, on the one hand, is a source for the enthusiasts to enjoy pairs they cannot get their hands on fresh from the store. But there is another face to this coin. The limited-edition pairs have achieved the status of collectibles and are traded on the market for prices 5-6 times their original retail prices.

· 8 min read
ScrapingAnt Team

Web Scraping for GPU Scalping

Graphics cards are an integral component of a PC or laptop. A PC or laptop without a graphic card barely fulfills even the most basic requirements in this day and age. For this reason, there is always a high demand for graphic cards all around the world. But, recently, the production of graphic cards took a big hit, along with a sharp spike in order, which led to a global shortage of graphic cards.

Let us discuss the lack of GPUs, scraping, and its role in alleviating the deficit and additional assistance in buying and reselling GPUs.

· 8 min read
Rakia Ben Sassi

Data to the Rescue. The Role of Data Collection in the Russia-Ukraine War

As I have started writing this article, I didn’t expect it to end this way. Weeks after creating my first draft, Russian forces entered its western neighbor’s border and war raged in Ukraine.

Many questions have been raised. People around the world kept their eyes glued to their screens, waiting for more news about the invasion and looking for answers. I was no exception. I’ve seen the steady stream of content, talking about the different sides of the crisis, its ramifications, and its ripple effect.

· 11 min read
ScrapingAnt Team

Data Collection for e-Commerce

HR or Human Resources is a department as important as any other in a business or a corporation. It helps manage the workforce so that workers are happy and a healthy environment is created, which helps achieve the organization's targets.

In a world where we have employed computers, AI, and the internet to better everything, why should HR lag behind? After all, if the employees are loyal and happy where they work, they are more likely to give their all while doing their jobs, all of which ultimately leads to growth. In order to do that, many big companies have made use of a newer approach, using public web data in order to improve human resource processes.