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· 8 min read
ScrapingAnt Team

Benefits of Web Scraping for Hospitality

We all want our business to succeed. If you are in the hospitality business, you want to hit your targets and surpass them. You want to beat your competitors through anything that will keep you on top or still running. You can achieve this in so many different ways. Lately, and the most modern method of placing your hospitality business upfront is through web scraping.

· 6 min read
ScrapingAnt Team

Uses of Web Scraping for Price Monitoring

Consumers nowadays are constantly looking for discounts, special offers, and compare prices in different online businesses. Therefore, you, too, as a business owner, should be alert and check how prices fluctuate among your competitors. It would be best if you were up to date on pricing so that, you too, can offer your customers better deals. Consequently, you will retain your customers and even reach more.

· 6 min read
ScrapingAnt Team

Web Scraping for Data Scientists

Data is all around us, and scientists train themselves to question everything. Scientists usually spend hours studying data in their specific field to facilitate learning, understanding, innovation.

However, to procure the volume of data necessary, scientists often need help from computer programs and AI technology. Many times, the correct technology for this job is a web scraping tool.

This article will explain the uses of web scraping for data scientists, information about web scraping, and why ScrapingAnt can help you get the information you need.